Why volunteering in Spring?

Make a difference volunteering in Valencia in Spring


Valencia is the city of the flowers, the music and the sun. In spring time days are longer and we have the perfect temperature to enjoy walking along the river park, the city or the neverending beaches. But on the top of thisValencia celebrates the begining of the spring with one of the most amazing festivals: Las Fallas

Declared World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, Las Fallas represent most of the traditions of the valencian people: each neighborhood of the city organize parties together for the celebration and build the monuments of fallas, there are lot of processions with music and flowers, and of course fireworks during all day and night (you can find more information about Las Fallas in one of our previous posts). Volunteering abroad is the best way to immerse yourself into the culture, and that’s why volunteers in Valencia in spring have the opportunity to live Las Fallas as the locals.

Volunteers working on Conservation Projects are witnesses of the incredible blooming of our wetlands, small paradises that show during spring time their most colourful and beautiful flora and fauna. Simply unique!

And for international volunteers working in Social Projects,this period brings them the opportunity to learn more about valencian traditions, and they enjoy a lot preparing different activities with the kids for the big festival, sharing at the same time their traditions with the locals.

Definitely experiences that change lifes. Don’t dream it, be it!

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