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Why pay for volunteering abroad?


Volunteer abroad is the best way for gain experience in different fields, learn languages and discover other cultures. Asking other volunteers you will know that volunteer in other country is an amazing experience in live that you will remember and repeat. But why pay for volunteering abroad?

Voluns is not an NGO but we work with non resources organizations and they are financed by the fees that they receive from volunteers and donations. In addition, volunteers pay for a service, we give training and support, accommodation and, depending on the case, transport and language courses.

What will you pay for volunteering?

Management: Choose the perfect project, the destination and the organization. Our staff is always ready to help you and make your program the perfect experience after, before, and during your trip. Contact us here

Transport and accommodation: Accommodation in host families or volunteers apartments are included for complete your stay in Spain. Meals normally are not included, ask to the staff if you are interested. Some transports, like the journey from your accommodation to the project, are included, it depends o the date and the project.

Support: Accommodation paperwork, transport tickets, information about the country, healthcare, if you need any insurance… You are not alone, we are going to be with you during all your experience. Something is wrong? Just call us!

Partners: We have been working for several years with partners and organizations that are worried by the social and environmental problems in Spain. We work together for the cause and your support will make non profit organizations stronger. Environmental conservation, Coast and marine conservation, Working with children or Community development, which is your favorite project?

Manage and supervise Volunteers: Helping you to arrive everyday to the project, coordination, and trainee. Your work is going to be valuable and professional experts will help you everyday to improve your collaboration.

Orientation: Maybe you have special skills, like being a teacher or doctor, maybe you just want to enjoy a different kind of holidays. Voluns staff will orientate you to choose a project, select a group of volunteers and make your work useful.

Volunteer project: Help the organizations and support them to buy material for the children or tools for cleaning the natural park is the most important use of the volunteer fees. Every euro counts to make a better community.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the project, days of volunteering and accommodation. It never includes the travel from your country. Ask for more info and prices to

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