Inicio Conservation volunteer program Why be volunteer in Valencia?

Why be volunteer in Valencia?


Discover the culture, change other live and change your way of life. Participate as volunteer in Valencia, Spain is an exiting adventure. People of all ages, abilities and countries all over the world choose volunteer abroad.

Why should you think about volunteer in Valencia, Spain?

There are thousands of destinies to choose for volunteering abroad, for living the perfect experience you should think about more things than the project, but if you are thinking about volunteer in Valencia you need to read this article.

The transport: Why Spain? It is easy travel from Valencia to Barcelona or from Madrid to Seville. Spain is a developed country well communicated by train, bus or plane.

The language: Hola, can you speak Spanish? Lots of schools teach Spanish as a second language but in Spain you can be understood in English too. Not everybody speaks fluent English, but you can talk with young people and learn Spanish easily!

The Security: There are volunteering projects in dangerous countries, if a risk adventures is not your ideal trip choose a secure country. If you are scared about traveling alone in a foreign country choose Europe, here is easy.

The people: ¡Olé! Spanish people have a reputation of being very openness, easy-going and happy. If you want to have fun enjoy holidays in Spain!

The food: Anything else to say than, taste some tapas and paella!

The city: Valencia is the third most important city in Spain. It is a big city, but not as big as Madrid, the capital, easy to discover by walk or bike, with good public transport, museums, beach, parks and good communication to other cities.

The weather: An average of 20 Celsius degrees with a hot summer and mild winter.

The project: Help others! You can choose where do you want to be useful. Community project, working with children, nature conservation… A different participation for different projects all around the city.

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