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Top 5 Spanish foods


1. Tortilla de patata

The most famous of the Spanish foods. Great for lunch or dinner, you will find it in almost every bar or restaurant across Spain. It is an omelette cooked with onion and potato with olive oil. You can try different versions of this omelette with other vegetables, mushrooms or ham. Taste it between bread as a big sandwich, delicious!

2. Croquetas

As the Spanish omelette, you will find croquetas in every city of Spain. Croquetas can be eaten as a snack or as a sofisticated dinner, it depends on how are they made. Made from a fried mixture of bechamel with chicken or ham, for the traditional croquetas or with cheese or mushrooms in the most modern recipes of this Spanish food.


This Valencian rice could be cooked with meat, vegetables, seafood or a mixture of all. This dish changes a lot depending on the city where is made. Do you want to eat the best paella? Go to Valencia! Paella is as famous as tortilla the patatas in the Spanish foods world, ask for the best restaurant in town for this.

4. Gazpacho

A cold soup of tomato and other vegetables famous in Andalucia. Gazpacho is easy to cook, refreshing for summer lunch and good as an appetizer. Go to any bar in Sevilla and ask for gazpacho for lunch, is the best Spanish food when it is hot outside!

5. Sangria

Do you want to drink something while you are tasting the Spanish foods? A glass of sangria is refreshing and sweet. This wine with lemonade, ice and fruits is the perfect drink for a lunch beside the beach!


– Images and recipes from Recetín[:]

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