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Things to do in Albufera, Spain


This huge natural lake in Valencia, Spain, is spanded about 27 kms and it is about 1.5m deep. Albufera is a national park where more than 250 different birds, plants and marine species live. Are you going to visit Valencia? The visit to this natural park is definitely a must.

What to do in Albufera, Spain?

Visit the natural reserve. If you are going with a volunteers group you will visit the most amazing part of Albufera, the natural park. Here you will see hundreds of bird species, turtles, fishes and plants.

See the barracas. This traditional houses in Spain are not very common. In the park of Albufera you will have the opportunity of visit some of them that now are interesting museums about country traditions.

Take a boat. The best way to visit the lake is by boat. If you go with a group you can rent a boat, driven by a sailor man, at the same lakeside. This short trips by boat are really cheap and worthy.

Eat paella. The best place to eat paella in Valencia is Albufera. There are lots of traditional restaurants in the village near the lake. This can be expensive, ask always for prices!

See the sunset. The most beautiful sunset in Valencia, and maybe in Spain, is in this lake. Wait until late and the sensation, light and songs of the birds will be amazing.

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