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The consequences of this pandemic is not the same for all of us and nature


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The pandemic is affecting everyone, but mainly the most underprivileged. And, at the same time it is giving nature back its place. It is time to stay at home, but soon we will all go back to work, and we in Voluns wish that we do it together to keep the balance and make a better world.

On the one hand, there are great social inequalities in the cities that are expected to widen and become more visible as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Restrictions on mobility and their economic effects are devastating for thousands of families who survive thanks to the informal economy. Moreover, they are not only affected economically, but also in terms of their health, mostly in countries where there is no access to public and equal health care. Many workers do not have sick leave or unemployment.

The closure of schools also affects the fact that there is no more family reconciliation, so it is difficult to combine work and care. The absence of a school canteen, where many children have their main and strong meal of the day, also jeopardizes the right to food of the children. The situation has social repercussions that cannot yet be measured, but which alarm everyone. The organizations and companies that work in support of these families are looking forward to getting to work, because we know that with our volunteer programs we solve a part of the problem, even if it is very small part…

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On the other hand, nature is grateful. There has been a daily drop in Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and CO2 emissions. Every day there are more sightings of animals in the cities, marine life is approaching the coasts. We have seen whales and dolphins again stopping to rest in the coastal areas of Denia and Valencia, but more close than ever!

Many theories confirm that human action on nature is part of this pandemic. Experts confirm that emerging diseases in the last 30-40 years have been associated with alterations to natural habitats. Nature has shown us its power, it already did so with increasingly strong storms in recent years and climate changes, but we did not want to listen. We would love to get back to work as soon as possible and you to join us to fight harder and repair so much damage that has been done to the earth and the way of life of many people as a result of a system that puts the economy at the center. This COVID-19 epidemic teaches us the importance of putting nature and people at the center.

In our volunteer programs dedicated to the restoration of natural parks at risk such as wetlands or forests, marine coasts, where tourism in summer is massive, or programs with people where we work to support the most vulnerable families in schools and soup kitchens, we invest the necessary and essential time to act for the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. We are already a little late for 2030, but that is not going to stop us.As soon as borders are opened, we are waiting for you to work harder to improve and repair our Earth, we will fight together on the consequences of climate change!

Volunteers, we know that without you, it is not possible, we are looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you for sharing your adventure in Spain with us!

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