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Reasons to be volunteer in summer


What are you going to do this sumer? If you are thinking in a different experience for the holidays be volunteer in summer is the perfect combination.

Help to the people that need it. The first reason for volunteering, not the only one, but perfect for the summer months when you have more time.

– Strenghten self-esteem. You will help yourself too, not only the others. Your confidence will grow and your personality will be stronger.

– Take care of the environment. You can volunteer with people and animals, but don’t forget the nature! Spend the summer surrounded by the sea, forest and helping the environment is a great plan.

– Meet people. During the summer months people of the whole world visit Spain, new friends are waiting for you!

– Make history. Let’s change the world!

– Focus your working life. Better than any internship a summer volunteering will help you career.

Travel! This months are perfect for travel, discover Spain during a volunteer in summer will be the funniest holidays plan.


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