Inicio Conservation volunteer program Group volunteering: Reasons to travel with a group

Group volunteering: Reasons to travel with a group


The option of traveling in group is very attractive and Valencia is a good location for it. It is a medium-sized city that offers many possibilities. It is also well-connected with other cities and towns and is surrounded by natural parks and beaches, this allows travel on weekends and do many interesting excursions.

Group volunteering is a great opportunity for all types of groups: classmates for an end-of-course trip or school vacation, members of a university or sports club, corporate groups, a family or a circle of friends. Members learn from each other, and new friendships develop, resulting in a valuable overall contribution both to the cause and the dynamics of the group.

Group Volunteering Abroad 3 Reasons why you should group travel

Volunteering abroad is always more than a trip, it is a life-changing experience that goes benefit to the group, but also every person learning new skills and acquiring a more open and broad vision regarding the diversity of realities. In Voluns, we always say that the experience of traveling alone is unique and must be done once in life. However, volunteering abroad as a group also has advantages that cannot be compared.

1. Don´t worry about about planning or costs

On a group tour everything is organized. In fact, in Voluns we always try to customize the itineraries to the maximum so that all the people who travel in the group could enjoy it. In addition, group trips tend to be cheaper and all needs are included. Relax and enjoy!

2. Strengthen relationships with the people you travel with

If you travel with your family, your classmates or work team, any type of group. On a volunteer trip in group, you will be live different experiences and share a lot of beautiful moments, this will unite you, you will learn to solve problems together, get to know each other more deeply, and you may push yourself to do things that you wouldn’t usually do.

3. Funny reason: You will have people who take pictures of you

Has it never happened to you that you return from a trip and there are only landscapes in your photos? You can’t prove you’ve been there. On a group trip abroad your photos will be full of shared moments, not just beautiful places.

Would you like to organize a trip with your group? We organize it all for you! Fin out about our group volunteer opportunities!



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