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Why volunteer abroad changes lives

If you know somebody who has traveled to volunteer abroad, you have probably already heard about how incredible and life-changing it is. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people volunteer abroad and come back to their home countries full of new skills, new friends, and unforgettable memories.

Everybody has their own reasons for choosing to volunteer abroad. Some people want to travel to exotic locations, experience a new culture, help some of the most improverished people in the world. Others want to learn a new language, seeking inspiration, trying to find a new direction or improve their job skills. Or there are those who simply want to spend their time doing work that benefits people in need. More often, the desire to volunteer abroad can encompass many motivations such as giving back while seeing a part of the world you’ve always been interested in visiting.

If you are considering volunteering abroad, you will no doubt have your own reasons for wanting to make the commitment. The truth is, there are countless benefits of volunteering abroad, and countless reasons why you should choose to do it.

Whatever the reason for volunteering, there’s a program out there that matches your unique goals and will give you the volunteer experience you’ve always dreamed of. And even if you think you’re volunteering for one reason in particular, you may just find that the experience enriches you in ways you never expected.

So, for those of you considering traveling to volunteer abroad, or for those of you that have never considered it until now, here is a list of 10 inspiring reasons to volunteer abroad that might make you want to take that final step.

1.-Become Part of a Community and Experience a New Culture Completely

Volunteer Abroad is an immersion experience.

You never really know a place until you’ve lived there. If you’re volunteering somewhere which includes accommodation you’ll dive head first into the lives and culture of those around you – something which just can’t be experienced from the comfort of a tour bus.

A big part of volunteering abroad is getting involved with the people you are there to help. Over the course of weeks or even months, depending on how long you decide to volunteer abroad for, you’ll get to know and become part of a community. You will experience a true sense of community as a volunteer abroad.

Take this opportunity to learn the local language, eat local foods, interact with local community members, observe local customs, traditions, holidays, and celebrations, and just become a part of the community.

2.-It’s great for your CV and to Build Your Resume

If you’ve just left school or college and you’re looking for something impressive to add to your CV, volunteering abroad is the perfect choice! Employers will like to see that you’ve brave enough to visit another country and take part in an organised programme. It’s also a good way to illustrate what’s important to you, and show that you’re more than willing to try new things. International exposure and global citizenship are ever-increasingly valuable traits for applicants to higher ed programs.

If you’re not yet sure what you want to major in, any volunteer experience that encourages leadership will be worthwhile. Seek out the programs that will give you the opportunity to be proactive in your work, contribute your own ideas or even oversee the activities of other volunteers.

Dedicating your time to something other than yourself shows compassion, good ethics and an open mind. When you volunteer abroad, you have to think on your feet and take initiative. These are hard things to convey when there’s a CV between you and an interview, but mentioning volunteering abroad on a personal statement is like a subtle way of writing “Hey, I care about the world and similarly, I would care about this job”.

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