Voluns Programs

What’s offers this program?

This program offers volunteers who enjoy the outdoors the chance to take part in projects undertaken in the Valencia region aimed at the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems from degradation, the improvement of water resources, the prevention of forest fires, the reforestation of the land with native species and the conservation of natural habitats and species in danger of extinction.Volunteers participating on these projects will make a difference in conserving and improving knowledge about the environment and the Spanish natural heritage, helping promote land stewardship as a tool to project and conserve the region and its natural, cultural and landscape values, and minimising the environmental impact of agriculture and tourism.

What’s in Valencia?

Although the Valencia region is better known for its extensive coastline, its inland areas are home to diverse ecosystems with unique flora and fauna in the Mediterranean. A landscape dotted with hills and mountains, rivers, forest, islands and wetlands, offering incredible contrasts, like the Albufera Natural Park, the River Turia Park and Sierra Calderona. During this program volunteers will experience different Spanish ecosystems and contribute in a practical way to the conservation of the Valencia Region environment.

Located at only 15 kilometers from the city, the Albufera Natural Park is one of the most important wetland areas of Spain and one of the most emblematic and important places of Valencia because of its biodiversity and great ecological interest. Home to a wide range of wildlife, specially water, wading and migratory birds, and also species in danger of extinction, is declared by the European Union as a place of Special protection. But the Albufera supports also intense agricultural (cultivation of rice), industrial, hunting and touristic uses whose consequences have been breaking the balance. The conservation work performed by the volunteers will assist local teams with the recovery plan and park management activities.

Helping preserve a unique landscape and taking a relaxing boat trip on the Albufera´s lake contemplating spectacular sunsets. Enjoying the large and beautiful beaches near the Albufera and tasting the delicious food made with the rice and the fresh from this area.

Feeling all the charm of the Valencia Region from a different perspective, discovering landscapes that participants would not see if they just travel as tourists and contributing in its conservation, helping local projects that would not exist without volunteers, tasting the traditional flavours of its gastronomy.

Working at the Albufera Natural Park and other wetlands to improve the quality of the water and the ecosystems
Dunes and beaches conservation
Turtle monitoring
Participating in activities of restoring bird habitats, bird ringing
Flora and fauna surveys and data collection
Tree planting, forest fire prevention
Eradicating invasive vegetation and general park maintenance.

Volunteers will work from Monday to Friday in the morning approximately between 8am -1pm, and will have free time the rest of the day to relax, go to the beach, join our cultural activities, explore the city, practice sports or have picnic at the amazing River Park.

Occasionally volunteers are expected to work half days on Saturdays or Sundays, but normally weekends are free and volunteers have the chance to travel to other cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Granada.

Our local staff will give advice and help organize your trips!

Volunteers will live in a fully equipped shared apartment with other volunteers and students. Host family accommodation is also available.

Volunteers must be 18 years or older and should be fit and physically prepared to work in the open environment. Level of Spanish: basic (speaks using simple vocabulary and phrases).


Free Trial

Duration and cost



Available for two weeks, * Indicative price 

Ask for extra week prices *

Price Includes:

  • Pre-departure information
  • Airport pickup on arrival date
  • Volunteer placement
  • Accommodation: shared apartment, single room (other accommodation type also available)
  • Orientation, training and coordination
  • Transportation to the project
  • 24 h/d emergency phone

Not Included:

Flights, insurance, meals, local transport, return airport transfer.

«REMEMBER!! You can join one of your intensive language courses before, during or other the volunteer project. Knowing the language will make you enjoy much more your experience here in Valencia. You will be able to communicate with all your new friends in Spain and it is always good to speak a language with millions of speakers around the world 20 Spanish lessons per week: €170 (2 weeks minimum; enrolment fee 50€)»

María, Voluns