Soupkitchen Volunteer Program

An experience that will not only benefit the lives of others, but will also develop your own skills and personal opportunities too! Travel with a purpose! Discovering Spanish culture in a way that you would not see if you only traveled as a tourist.


We offer you another kind of tourism, getting to know a beautiful place in a proactive way. Creating awareness of all the different cultures that make up Spain, better understanding of the country and its people. Furthermore, you will:

  • Learning more about coexistence and mutual understanding
  • Knowing local cooking and traditional dances and music
  • Gain first-hand work experience and also hone your skills while volunteering
  • Meet people from different places and culture
  • Collaborate in the achievement of objectives of the 2030 Agenda
  • Taste the delicious typical gastronomy
  • Improve your Spanish knowledge
  • And combine all of this with a lot of free time to travel
Soupkitchen volunteer program in Valencia

    We believe that travel and getting to know different realities is the key to growing in all areas of your life!

Volunteer program details

For every 100,000 citizens in Spain, there are about 70 people without a home. Many of these people were forced out Into the street by a lack of other available options.

Whatever their reason for turning to the street, there are more than one thousand homeless people living in Valencia, and many of them depend on the kindness of the volunteers at soup kitchens for a hot meal and a social community. If you’re interested in volunteering, soup kitchens can be a great place to lend a helping while the rest of the day you can enjoy the city and learn Spanish.

The Soup Kitchen program provides international volunteers the opportunity to interact with people of all ages and families without economic resources, people with difficulty to manage themselves or in need of socializing.

The center is located in one of the oldest and most charming neighborhoods of València. It is also one of the most multicultural areas of the city. Around 50 persons attend the center for a daily meal and a personalized support to help them towards a possible improvement of their situations. The work is often quite mixed and requires initiative and interaction with different groups of people.

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Soupkitchen volunteer program in Valencia
Soupkitchen volunteer program in Valencia

 Your work directly contributes to improve the lives of those people!

As a volunteer your actions will be:

  • Organizing multicultural activities in the neighborhood
  • Receive and assist the users of the center
  • Serve the meals and clean up the facilities
  • Collect food from local providers, assisting with sorting and storage
  • Helping the staff members and other Spanish volunteers with any other assistance needed
  • Be an international friend for them 🙂

The time of volunteer work will be between 12 noon – 3pm. The rest of the day and weekends are free to study the language, travel and explore the nearby areas or other cities like Barcelona, Granada or Madrid. 

Our local staff will give advice and help organize your trips!

Volunteers will work from Monday to Friday approximately between 12 noon – 3pm and will free time the rest of the day to relax, go to the beach, join our cultural activities, explore the city, practice sports or have picnic at the amazing River Park.

Occasionally volunteers are expected to work half days on Saturdays, but it’s optional, normally weekends are free and volunteers have the chance to travel to other cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Granada.

Our local staff will give advice and help organize your trips!

Volunteers will live in a fully equipped shared apartment with other volunteers and students. Host family accommodation is also available.

Valencia is a city that is located along the east coast of Spain. The city is one of the largest in the country in terms of population (with around 800,000 inhabitants), falling only behind Barcelona and Madrid.

The city of Valencia has 300 days of sunshine, a beach and is close to nature. It also has a wealth of history and culture:

  • 7 km of beach near the city plus the entire coast of the Valencian Community adjacent to other natural parks and a large marine reserve.
  • Museums, historic and avant-garde buildings such as The Museum of Arts and Sciences.
  • A very varied institutional and alternative cultural agenda with a lot of music on offer.
  • A BioParc Zoo and the Oceanographic, one of the largest aquariums in Europe.
  • A great connectivity with other cities by bus and train.

Share apartements. Volunteers will live in a fully equipped shared apartment with other volunteers and students.

Each apartment has three or four bedrooms, one or two bathrooms and have fully-equipped kitchen, a lounge with TV, a washing machine and an iron. The expenses of water, gas and electricity are included in a normal use.

Host family accommodation is also available. Living in Spain with a family is the best way to become familiar with the Spanish lifestyle, get to know local people and practice the language. Taking half board is the best way of feeling part of the family!

The accommodation are close to the center, no more than 20 minutes away by public transport.

All extra information about the accommodation it will be in your Welcome pack 😉

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    Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, intermediate level of Spanish and be dynamic, active and open mind.


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    Available for two weeks, * Indicative price 

    Ask for extra week prices

    Our group programs include:

    • Pre-departure information
    • Airport pickup on arrival date
    • Volunteer placement
    • Accommodation: shared appartment, single room (other accommodation type also available)
    • Orientation, training and coordination
    • Transportation to the project
    • 24h emergency phone

    Not Included:

    Flights, insurance, Spanish lessons, meals, local transport, return airport transfer.

    REMEMBER!! You can join one of our intensive language courses before, during or other the volunteer project. Knowing the language will make you enjoy much more your experience here in Valencia. You will be able to communicate with all your new friends in Spain and it is always good to speak a language with millions of speakers around the world. 20 Spanish lessons per week: €175 (2 weeks minimum; enrolment fee 50€)”

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