Coast and Marine Conservation Program

Do you have a passion for marine conservation? Join a team of international volunteers to contribute to the conservation of Mediterranean coast and marine biodiversity. Travel with a purpose! Discovering landscapes that you would not see if you only traveled as a tourist.


We offer you a different kind of tourism, getting to know a beautiful place in a proactive way. You will discover unique and emblematic natural landscapes, spectacular sunsets, beaches, wetlands, mountains and rivers. This is a valuable conservation experience, taking responsibility for the environment and for the future. Furthermore, you will:

  • Improve your Spanish knowledgeMeet people from different places and cultures
  • Feel empowered by helping to preserve beautiful places at risk
  • Receive your «First scuba diving experience» or «Try scuba”
  • Practice water sports like diving, kayaking, kite-surfing or sailing
  • Collaborate in the achievement of objectives of the 2030 Agenda
  • Taste the delicious typical food of Spain
  • And all of this combined with a lot of free time to travel

    We believe that travel and getting to know different realities is the key to growing in all areas of your life!

Volunteer program details

The Coast and Marine volunteer program is a great opportunity to explore and get to know the Mediterranean coast and marine diversity. You will act to minimize environmental impact caused by the increase in tourism in three protected natural parks:

  • The Marjal of Pego- Oliva
  • The Montgó Natural Park
  • The Marine Reserve in the Cape of San Antonio.

These are natural areas with a great diversity, with unique and sensitive marine wildlife and of high ecological importance.

An advantage of this program is that in your work you will gain a lot of knowledge and better understand the function of these types of ecosystems and improve your knowledge about the benefits of preservation.

 Your work directly contributes to minimizing the environmental impact of tourism in beautiful natural areas!

This project aims to protect and conserve the marine ecosystem by not only monitoring and improving the surrounding area and wildlife, but also educating visitors and locals on the importance of preserving this vulnerable environment.

The tasks will be:

  • Coast and underwater cleaning
  • Surveys and data collection of invasive algae, crabs and jellyfish
  • Turtle monitoring
  • Participating in activities of restoring natural habitats
  • Tree planting, forest fire prevention
  • Working at the wetland to improve the ecosystems
  • Learn to accurately identify the targeted species and helping with the logistical operations.

The hours of volunteering are during the week from 8 am to 1 pm approximately. Evenings and weekends are free for traveling and exploring the nearby areas or other cities like Barcelona, Granada or Madrid. Also, you could take a boat trip  to the Balear Islands. Our local staff are happy to give advice and help organize your trips!

Furthermore, If you have PADI and would like to dive more you can do it with our collaborating centers. Even, If you are thinking in practice some water sports we could give you some recommendations.

Volunteers will work from Monday to Friday in the morning approximately between 8am -1pm, and will have free time the rest of the day to relax, go to the beach, join our cultural activities, explore the Denia, practice sports or have a walk at the natural park.

Occasionally volunteers are expected to work half days on Saturdays or Sundays, but normally weekends are free and volunteers have the chance to travel to other cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Granada.

Also, you could take a boat trip  to the Balear Islands. Our local staff are happy to give advice and help organize your trips!

Volunteers will live in a fully equipped shared appartment with other volunteers and students. Host family accommodation is also available.

During this program volunteers will experience different Spanish ecosystems and contribute in a practical way to the conservation of the Valencia Region environment.

The volunteering Area will be mainly in the Montgó Natural Park, the Marine Reserve of Cape San Antonio and the Pego Wetland. They are natural areas with a great diversity and of high ecological importance and have supported the tourism industry. In recent years the overflow of visitors has had a negative effect on the fragile marine ecosystem and coastline.

  • The Marjal Pego-Oliva Nature Reserve

The Marjal is a protected wetland with an area of 1.253 hectares. Many plants are unique, this place stands out for being a zone of storage and birth of groundwater that regulates, in a natural way, the quality of the water.

  • The Montgó Natural Park

The Natural Park of Montgó is very visited by hikers, has an area of 2.117 hectares and 753 meters of altitude and is between Dénia and Xabia. More than 650 species of flora and vegetation live in there. The vegetation of Montgó was one of the main reasons for the declaration of this protected area. It has an extensive floristic catalog and abundance of endemism. This natural park keeps a great botanical treasure!

  • The Marine Reserve in the Cape of San Antonio

The Nature Reserve San Antonio Cape is a protected area of high ecological value that occupies 900 hectares. On its seabed you can find coral colonies, Scyaphila algae, Sandstone rhophytes, Posydonia meadows. There, you can go diving in caves and crevices such as the famous Cova Tallada, and observe a great diversity of marine species.

Your home will be at the city of Denia. It is spectacular and delicious gastronomy, a wide choice of beaches and coves to enjoy, natural parks, history and culture:

  • 20 km of beach plus the entire coast of the Valencian Community adjacent to natural parks and a large marine reserve.
  • Museums, historic and beautiful streets, neighborhoods and environments of interest. Essential! The Castle from the 11th Century and see the whole city from there.
  • The beautiful fauna and flowers in the Montgó Natural Park and the Marine Reserve of Cape San Antonio.
  • A perfect place to start diving, kitesurfing or windsurfing.
  • And, a great connectivity with The Balearic Islands, maybe The Spanish Caribbean.

Share apartements. Volunteers will live in a fully equipped shared apartment with other volunteers and students.

Each apartment has three or four bedrooms, one or two bathrooms and have fully-equipped kitchen, a lounge with TV, a washing machine and an iron. The expenses of water, gas and electricity are included in a normal use.

Host family accommodation is also available. Living in Spain with a family is the best way to become familiar with the Spanish lifestyle, get to know local people and practice the language. Taking half board is the best way of feeling part of the family!

All extra information about the accommodation it will be in your Welcome pack 😉

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    Volunteers must be 18 years or older and should be fit and physically prepared to work in the open environment. Level of Spanish: basic (speaks using simple vocabulary and phrases).


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    Our group programs include:

    • Pre-departure information
    • Airport pickup on arrival date
    • Volunteer placement
    • Accommodation: shared apartment, single room (other accommodation type also available)
    • Orientation, training and coordination
    • Transportation to the project
    • Try scuba diving with all materials and instructor
    • 24h emergency phone

    Not Included:

    Flights, insurance, Spanish lessons, meals, local transport, return airport transfer.

    «REMEMBER!! You can join one of your intensive language courses before, during or other the volunteer project. Knowing the language will make you enjoy much more your experience here in Valencia. You will be able to communicate with all your new friends in Spain and it is always good to speak a language with millions of speakers around the world. Get 20 Spanish lessons per week: €175 (2 weeks minimum, enrolment fee €50)»

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